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Women’s dresses Sandra Fellini

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Women’s swimwear Sandra Fellini

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Sandra Fellini

Men’s Clothing Scuba

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Kohyli Accessories, Tourist Items, Souvenirs

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Sandra Fellini Aksesouar
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Sandra Fellini started in the field of fashion accessories 33 years ago, offering a wide range of products in sunglasses and watches. In recent years it has also expanded to other accessories for women and men. An important point in the development of the company was the creation of two new brands, Sandra Fellini for women and Scuba for men. Thus, the company was established in the field of fashion for its stylistic proposals in swimwear, clothing, bags, scarves, and shoes. Managing to gain the trust of its customers from the start, the company follows the summer trends and always discovers new products, to best meet all your needs. In 2019 another project was born named “Kohyli”, which included proposals and smart solutions for kid’s accessories, tourist items, and souvenirs.

With its continuous and dynamic presence in the most important exhibitions of the field and with a sales network in the Balkans, in Cyprus, and throughout Greece, it holds a distinguished position in the field. The goal of the company is to satisfy the needs of its customers with just a single visit to its online or physical store.

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